Younger Americans take first step on stage with high school swing choir

MFL MarMac elementary boys perform with the Young Americans during the Younger Americans Show Choir Camp April 7. (John Jensen/The Outlook photo)

   MONONA — MFL MarMac High School’s Young American show choir is well known for its entertaining and high-energy performances. On April 7 they shared what the knew with the younger generation.

   Dubbed the Younger Americans Show Choir Camp, the event featured 50 girls and boys from preschool through fifth-grade sharing the stage with the high school group as they sung several songs from the 2018-19 performance catalog.

   Sophomores Rose Grau and Riley Whitney coined the idea at a time when other groups were doing similar clinics with local young people.

   “There was a dance clinic and a cheer clinic and I got to thinking, ‘Why don’t we do that? It would be awesome to get kids up on stage and dancing and get our name out there so kids know what the Young Americans are,’” Whitney said.

   Young Americans Director Jaydeane Berns said the students did nearly all of the work.

   “They would check in with me, or if they had questions I would help them problem-solve a few things or say ‘You have to talk to so-and-so for that or do this,’” she said. “They basically took care of it.


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