Twenty-year Air Force veteran gives meaning of freedom during McGregor Memorial Day ceremony

Members of American Legion Post #305 present a traditional 21-gun salute during the Naval Ceremony at the Mississippi River dock in McGregor Monday. 

MCGREGOR — “Please remember that our freedom isn’t free. Somebody paid a heavy cost.” Those were the words of 20-year Air Force veteran Glen Monroe as he expounded on freedom during an emotional ceremony on Memorial Day at Pleasant Grove Cemetery in McGregor last Monday.

“When I first looked (up the definition of freedom) I was looking for two words, one in particular, and I was amazed that they weren’t there,” he said. “That would be, in particular, ‘Cost,’ it wasn’t in part of the definition.

“The cost of freedom is sacrifice with the lives of our troops, our people,” he said. “It’s a heavy cost.”

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