Soo Green proposal includes alternate route through northern Clayton County

A map shown during Soo Green's Friday webinar shows the proposed energy corridor's route through Clayton County, including a proposed alternate route along Highway 18 between Luana and Marquette. (John Jensen/The Outlook screenshot)

   A proposed energy corridor passing through much of Clayton County could include an alternate route through the northern portion of the area. That information was part of a public hearing webinar about the Soo Green HVDC Link presented by the Iowa Utilities Board and the company that hopes to build the corridor.

   While most of the underground 350-mile line, which will transport wind energy produced in Iowa from a site near Mason City to a site in central Illinois, will run along the Canadian Pacific Railway, most of the line's route through northern Clayton County could run on an alternate route along Highway 18. Neil Jones, the vice-president of real estate for Soo Green, said the route along the highway is much straighter than the one along the railroad, which has several sharp bends between Monona and Marquette.


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