School Board learns about revised high school student handbook

MONONA — The MFL MarMac School Board last Monday learned about several changes to the high school’s student handbook.

Principal Larry Meyer discussed the changes, which include a longer student day, revised athletic good conduct and academic eligibility rules and a possible upcoming change to requirements for National Honor Society membership.

The new class day for high school students will start at 8:20 a.m. (after starting at 8:25 last year) and end at 3:25 (after previously ending at 3:20).

“It’s going to add about 40 minutes to the week and if you play it out over the course of the year it’s going to add about three or four days, hour-wise, to the end of the school year which also gives us more time to play with at the end of the year.”

Study hall will move from the final period of the day to the second hour and will be longer than in the past.

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