School Board discusses possible fieldhouse bond issue dates

   MCGREGOR — The MFL MarMac School Board moved closer to building a new fieldhouse in Monona last Monday, discussing possible dates to bring a bond issue to voters that would be needed to fund construction of the facility.

   Superintendent Dr. Dale Crozier said new state laws state that special elections may only be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November during the general election, the first Tuesday in March or the second Tuesday of September.

   “So if we don’t want to have a vote for a fieldhouse on the general election we either do it in September or March,” he said. “So it’s either going to be super fast or we do it in March.”

   Crozier recommended against putting the bond on the ballot in November.

   “My thoughts are to take this out and campaign for it and to give time for people to absorb,” he said. “I think if we had it in September maybe it will pass – you could have it in September and if it fails have it again in March.”

   The Board has until the early part of July to determine if it would like to take the issue to voters in September.


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