Monona exploring use of solar power

   MONONA — The City of Monona could be looking to solar energy for some of its future power needs.

   During last Monday’s City Council meeting, Mayor Lynn “Marty” Martinson appointed a committee to explore the possibility of powering the city’s aquatic center, water tower and the north lift station.

   City Administrator Dan Canton said the City has been in discussion with someone who installs solar energy. He said the time is right to do the project this year because solar energy tax credits will begin to go away next year.

   “Cities are not eligible for those because we’re a government entity,” he said. “The way cities can get into these types of things is there’s investors out there that would invest in the equipment initially and then over time the city would own it and at that time the city would own it and at that time the savings on some of these sites would be (worthwhile).

   “The investments in these three locations, the city wouldn’t have to spend any money,” he said. “Simply, the investor would become your energy supplier for solar.”


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