Mississippi River crests at 21.34 feet

The Mississippi River crested in Marquette, McGregor and Prairie du Chien late last week, leaving limited damage in the wake of what was expected to be a serious flood season. The official crest was 21.34 feet on the National Weather Service gauge, which is located just north of downtown. Pumping operations have been underway in both Marquette and McGregor for more than two weeks, while areas directly on the riverfront, including the Marquette and McGregor marinas and Riverfront Park in McGregor, saw significant flooding. Prairie du Chien also saw significant flooding, with access to St. Feriole Island cut off since March 30 and floodwater covering most of the island. The river has begun falling and is expected to drop below moderate flood stage late this week or early next week. Pictured is Riverfront Park in McGregor. (John Jensen/The Outlook photos)