Middle schoolers complete novel project

Eighth-grade language arts teacher Scott Boylen presents medals to students who reached their goal of writing a 10,000-word novel.

MCGREGOR — Many people dream of writing a novel. For a group of Middle School language arts students, that dream became a reality late last year.

Nearly 50 students embarked on the project last November as part of a National Novel Writing Month (NoNoWrimo) project that was part of Scott Boylen’s eighth-grade language arts class. Novelists began Nov. 1 and had to be done by Nov. 30 with a goal of writing 10,000 words. 

Boylen said the students pre-write their novels in October. NoNoWrimo provides materials that he uses in class to help students learn how to create a plot, characters and settings that will work for a longer novel.

“We talk about those things a lot,” he said. “(The materials) are kind of like a mini text book or work book.”

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