MFL MarMac students get new insight into college

Amber Adney, who recently complete her first semester at Waldorf University, talks to students at MFL MarMac High School during a panel discussion last Monday. (John Jensen/The Outlook photo)

MONONA — What are the best ways to study in college? How do you choose a roommate? How challenging are final exams? What high school classes best prepare you for college? Those were just some of the questions that MFL MarMac High School students had answered last Monday as the school hosted its first Panel Discussion among current students and several currently enrolled in college classes.
The session was the brainchild of building principal Larry Meyer, who said it’s a good thing to have the kids that have graduated come back and talk to the kids who are still in school.
“Let them know what it’s really like making the transition from high school to college,” he said.
Leslie Henkes, a library associate at the high school, helped Meyer plan the event and executed a lot of the leg work for the project.
“I thought it was successful,” she said. “I think our current student body learned quite a few things from it and probably got a little more insight into college life than they did before.”
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