MFL MarMac senior a keynote speaker at ‘Live Above the Influence Day’ at state capitol

   MONONA — For the past three years a group of MFL MarMac students has shared its preference for living a drug and alcohol-free life with fellow students as part of the high school’s S.O.D.A. (Students Opposed to Drugs and Alcohol) group. Recently the club’s president, senior Lauren Gillitzer, had a chance to share her passion about the subject to a statewide audience during the Alliance Coalitions for Change’s Live Above the Influence Day at the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines.

   “I was asked to speak a lot about what happens here at school, within our community and what I know,” Gillitzer said. “I touched base on a lot of underage drinking and the ignorance from parents around our community and (that) they ignore the social host laws. And I talked a lot about vaping because that’s one of the latest trends.

   Gillitzer was one of eight MFL MarMac students who attended the event along with Club Advisor Jackie McGeough and Student Council Advisor Megan Schellhorn. The MFL MarMac group was joined by 5C (Clayton County Community Collaboration Council) representatives Julie Doeppke and Tracy Yelden.


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