MFL MarMac School announces April Students of the Month


Back row: Hailea Pritchard, Kaitlin Picha, Ashton Mathis, Miranda Lang, Marlene Franzen and Kale Miene. Front row: Franci Mezera, Konnor Barat-Klimesh, Bobby Kober, Morgan Jacobson, Tucker Ruff and Jacob Schellhorn.

4th grade:

Tucker Ruff enjoys kickball, basketball, baseball, and football. In school, he likes P.E., art, and math. He loves historical books like “What Was The Alamo, Pearl Harbor, D-Day, Battle of Gettysburg, and the Hindenburg”, or “Where is the Great Wall,” “What was the Age of Dinosaurs,” and “What is the Declaration of Independence?” Tucker wants to go to college to become a train engineer!

Morgan Jacobson loves soccer, volleyball, basketball, and softball, as well as math, and reading. A few of her favorite books are “Green Eggs and Ham”, “The Land of Stories”, “The Lemonade War”, “What Was” “Where Is”  “Who Was”  and “Who Is” Series of books. Morgan wants to be a nurse and eventually a doctor and have a family!

Jacob Schellhorn enjoys baseball, football, basketball, and karate. Academically, he likes social studies and PE. His favorite books are “Bailey’s Story” and “Force Out”. Jacob wants to play major league baseball!


5th grade:

Konnor Barat-Klimesh enjoys playing baseball in his free time, and in school he likes math, PE and study hall. His favorite book is the “Spiderwick Chronicles”. When he grows up, he wants to be a vet!

Kaitlin Picha keeps busy with basketball, softball, and volleyball. She also likes math and PE. She enjoys the “Who Was” and “Who Is” books. Kaitlin plans to go to college to become a teacher!

Hailea Pritchard enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, and dodgeball. Her favorite subject is math, and books are the “Who Was” books. Hailea wants to own an adoption center and be a doctor when she grows up!


6th grade:

Bobby Kober plays baseball and basketball; he enjoys math, history, PE, and music at school. His favorite book is “The Walking Dead”. When Bobby grows up, he wants to travel out west to Las Vegas and California with his friend Ethan!

Franci Meera enjoys playing football, volleyball, and softball. She likes to study math and her favorite book is “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” and “Out of My Mind”. Her long term goals are to maintain a 4.0 GPA throughout high school and become either a midwife or teacher!


7th grade:

Miranda Lange participates in basketball, volleyball, track, and AAU basketball. At school she likes PE, lunch, and reading Nicholas Sparks books. In her future, Miranda wants to play basketball for the University of Iowa and be a physical trainer!


Kashton Mathis enjoys wrestling and literature. His favorite book is “Escape from Furnace”. Kashton plans to get great grades in high school and wrestle at the University of Iowa!