MFL MarMac activities director roll will be split three ways

MONONA — MFL MarMac’s activities director will be a shared roll for the 2018-19 school year.

Last Monday the District’s Board of Directors approved a plan to split duties among Dave Corlette, Erik Peterson and Leslie Henkes.

Corlette and Peterson assumed 44 percent of the A.D. contract each while Henkes assumed the remaining 12 percent.

The trio replaces the role that Tom Oppelt held a year ago. Oppelt left MFL MarMac at the end of the school year to be a building principal at a school in Arizona. Splitting activity director duties is not unusual. Nearly all small-school A.D.s have other duties within the school district, including in many cases teaching. North Fayette Valley has three people sharing the activities director role, one of whom is its high school principal, while Clayton Ridge, Starmont and West Central all have their high school principal listed as their activities director as well.

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