Methodist Church to host 30th rendition of Living Last Supper

MONONA — In 1989, Pastor Gary Dobbins brought a unique idea to the Living Faith United Methodist Parish in Monona. Thirty years later, Pastor Dobbins’ vision lives on as the church will present the Living Last Supper March 24 and 25. Both showings will be at 7:30 p.m.

Long-time participants Ric Benzing and Chris Hoffert said Dobbins brought the Living Last Supper to Monona after successfully producing the play at a the church in Sigourney, where he had served before coming to Monona. 

“He thought it would be a good thing to try here,” Benzing said. “With some teeth-pulling to get people to do the parts we ended up doing a very basic production – it was just Jesus and the disciples at the table.”

Dobbins brought the script for the production with him from Sigourney. It called for the disciples sitting around a long table reminiscent to that depicted in Leonardo da Vinci’s late 15th century painting. Each disciple gives a short speech about his relationship to Christ and about how they became a disciple and then Jesus (played by Benzing since fourth year of the production) then comes out and declares it their last meal together.

The scene then shifts to the table with each of the disciples posed before they share communion together. After communion, Jesus recites the Beatitudes.

Read more in the Wednesday, March 14, 2018 editions of The Monona Outlook.