McGregor family has extra reason to cheer for Iowa Idol star

MCGREGOR — Iowa native Maddie Poppe has drawn headlines in north central Iowa and beyond as she has worked her way into the “American Idol” top 10. For a McGregor’s Todd Larson and Jo Larson, Poppe’s rise to stardom has hit closer to home than that of someone they see on television.

Todd is a first cousin of Poppe’s mother while Jo is married to Todd’s brother Darren, who would also be Poppe’s mother’s cousin. Both said their families are extremely close to Poppe’s and have been watching intensely as she has advanced.

“I probably don’t look real excited, but you get pretty wound up, texting and you’re watching Facebook all the time,” Todd said.

Todd said the family gets together each summer. Jo noted that she and Todd’s kids are close age-wise to Maddie and have really connected.

“They had a lot of fun together growing up,” she said. 

Jo said she and Todd have been telling friends and family that they are related to Poppe and how proud they are of what she has accomplished. 

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