Local Girl Scouts fill personal need for high school girls

Madison and Alex Duffield accept a donation from Dan De Sotel on behalf of his parents, Raymond C. and Darlene F. De Sotel, to assist with their project to bring needed personal items to girls at MFL MarMac High School. (John Jensen/The Outlook photo)

   MONONA — A pair of local girl scouts have teamed up to help classmates in need at MFL MarMac High School. Alex and Madison Duffield, members of Girl Scout Troop 1879, have put together a program where girls can anonymously pick up personal items that they may otherwise not be able to afford.

   “We saw people in the community suffer because they don’t have certain things,” Madison said after the ceremony. “We just wanted to give back and have those things.”

   The project is to use a closet at the school to place clothing, hygiene products and toiletries that some students at the school cannot afford in a place where they can anonymously get them.


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