Local churches find friendship in partnership

St. John’s Lutheran Churches in Luana and Farmersburg have formed a partnership, allowing them to share much more than Pastor Harold McMillan (pictured in the sanctuary at the Farmersburg church).

FARMERSBURG and LUANA — A pair of local Lutheran churches have found new energy in a recently formalized partnership.

On May 27, St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church in Luana and St. John Lutheran Church in Farmersburg officially became St. John’s Ministry. Pastor Steve Bracket, assistant to the Bishop, presided at services in both locations that day where meetings were held to vote on the partnership.

Pastor Harold McMillan, who will continue to serve at both churches, said each will retain its individual identity, though they will work closely together. 

“We take a look at our communities and we find schools, coops, auto dealerships, tractor supplies – all of these organizations and so forth are merging, they are becoming larger,” he said. “There’s a reason for that – it’s because of where economics are leading us and all kinds of situations that are involved, the change in demographics and other things.” 

As they looked at those things, McMillan said church leaders asked the question of, “How can we continue to do our ministry to the community and for ourselves in the work that we need to do?”

The veteran pastor noted how the communities would change if either church would close. Both are the only remaining church in their community and both communities number between 250 and 300 people according to the latest census. 

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