Local 4-Her’s project gets special post-fair honor

LUANA — A local 4-Her’s project has found a special place following the Iowa State Fair. A Civil War-based quilt made by 13-year-old Blake Lamborn of Luana is now on display at the Iowa 4-H Office in Ames.
Blake’s mother Jill said she received a phone call asking for permission to display the quilt.
“They said they were from the State 4-H Office and we were wondering if we could have your permission for his quilt to be displayed at the State 4-H Office in Ames for the next two months,” she said. “I was like, ‘absolutely.’”
Blake Lamborn said he wanted to make the quilt because of his interest in history. He said he hoped to make it last year but could not find the right fabric. He eventually found the fabric online.
“We just searched for Civil War fabric and came across a line that they were able to come,” Jill Lamborn said.
The design Blake used is from a pattern. It features a Civil War battlefield surrounded by fabric featuring designs related to the war.
“(The design) was free, we just had to get fabric that went along with it,” Blake said. “Not very many stores that sell quilting (material) sell that kind of fabric. Not very many people quilt about the Civil War.”
Blake said the final product was not exact to the pattern, mainly to make it the size he wanted. He also substituted a different shade of red material for that which had been purchased with the Civil War package.
Blake said most of his family quilts and takes exhibits to the fair. He said he started quilting three years ago and learned a lot from his grandmother, Deb Steere. 
Read the full article in the Wednesday, September 9, 2017 edition of The Outlook.