Living Last Supper

The Living Faith United Methodist Parish will present the 31st edition of The Living Last Supper Saturday and Sunday, April 6-7, at 7:30 p.m., at the Living Faith United Methodist Parish Monona Center. The Living Last Supper brings Leonardo da Vinci’s famous work, “The Last Supper” to life as the 12 pictured with Jesus share their stories of discipleship through narrative and dramatization. The production invites you to consider your own discipleship as you learn about the journey of Jesus’ inner circle. Pictured left to right are: Kim Schutte (sitting in for Dennis Burton), Andrew Adney, Dave Doerscher (sitting in for Shaun Christofferson), Dean Ohloff, Nate Samdstrom, Scott Goltz, Ric Benzing, Greg Schiller, Chris Hoffert, Ed Klenk, Jeff Abbas, Darren Larson and Tim Herman. Supporting crew for the event includes Pastor Deb Parkison, Jim and Sandy Schellhorn, Laurel Hagensick, Tom Sinclair, Ila Benzing and Dave Doerscher. The soloist for the event is Kim Schutte, Jesus on the Cross is Kaston Mathis and table setters are Ava Goltz and Karlie Hagensick. (John Jensen/The Outlook photo)