Industrial technology students use plasma to create new Monona banners

Industrial technology teacher Joe Milewski walks students Samson Elledge, Thaddeus Herrold and Cayden Ball through as step of setting up the software that runs the Torchmate® device. (John Jensen/The Outlook photo)

   MONONA — Not long from now as new metal banners hang from many of downtown Monona’s light poles, a group of MFL MarMac High School students will be able to look proudly and say ‘I did that.’ And it is all thanks to technology.

   Last fall members of Monona’s Visioning Committee approached industrial technology teacher Joe Milewski about whether students in his Torchmate® class would have interest in creating the banners. He and his students accepted the challenge and worked on the banners for several weeks.

   “I think it’s a good partnership with the town and the school because it gives the kids a little bit more pride in what they’re doing instead of just saying, ‘It’s good enough for me.’ Anymore its not that it’s good enough for you, it’s got to be good enough for somebody else.”


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