High School students take time to read, write, draw

Kaylee Bachman enjoys a few minutes in her book during MFL MarMac High School’s unplugged time last Thursday. JOHN JENSEN | THE OUTLOOK PHOTO

It is said that today’s students are busier than they have ever been before. A new period at MFL MarMac High School aims to get students away from that hustle and bustle … even if it is for no more than 10 minutes.

As the school year began last month, it introduced “Unplugged Time,” a time at the beginning of study hall when students turn off their computers, close their textbooks and either read, draw or journal.

High School Principal Larry Meyer said the idea for Unplugged Time came from the school’s Multi-Tied System of Support (MTSS) group.

“We knew we wanted to get reading into the high school setting because they do a good job of having the students read at the middle school,” he said.

The time was made possible as the high school shifted to a slightly longer class day that included eight periods.

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