Family Dentistry enjoys new location

Over 30 years ago, two dentists (Dr. Steve Kurth and Dr. Rich Jacobi) of Waukon decided to expand their offices to someplace where they knew they were needed. The looked south and landed on Monona as they decided to test out the location. They only started practicing in Monona on a limited basis in 1984. The first office only had one treatment room and that quickly filled up. 
It wasn’t long before it was decided that a more permanent location was needed so the practice could allow more patients and would be open five days a week. Dr. Kurth and Dr. Jacobi built a brand new office in Monona on Franklin Street that had three rooms and would become the new home of Family Dentistry Associates of Monona. That is when Dr. Mark Fohey and Dr. Linda Carstens were hired to work at the new location that was built on Franklin Street in 1985.
The dentist office on Franklin served the practice well for many years but once again, there was the problem of space.
The first office built in Monona was to allow dentist to practice all week long and to accommodate more patients. That worked well for many years but once again, the demand was becoming too great for the building and Dr. Fohey need to make a large financial decision.
He decided to build a brand new building at a better location in town.
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