Despite strong year, Hay Days facing financial concerns

   MONONA — The 2019 Monona Hay Days celebration brought more than 1,000 people downtown June 9, a more than 20 percent increase from a year ago. Yet for the event to continue in its current form, organizers say it must get financial help.

   Hay Days committee members Teresa Graham, Linda Knockel and Rogeta Halvorson brought their concerns to the Monona City Council Monday night and asked for City assistance with the event.

   “Our problems lie in that we need the support of the city in order to pull this off,” Graham said. “If this is an event that you want to continue to grow, we don’t have the funds.

   “We’re scraping the bottom of the barrel just to get by,” she said. “A lot of the members even finance things on their own rather than turning in bills.”


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