Delayed planting pushing northeast Iowa farmers past insurance deadlines

Wet fields have prevented many northeast Iowa farmers from getting in some or all of their fields this spring. (John Jensen/The Outlook photo)

   How slow has the northeast Iowa corn and soybean planting season been? Enough that it has pushed unplanted corn acres past the deadline when they can receive full crop insurance coverage and to the brink of the deadline when they can receive full coverage for soybeans.

   The deadline for farmers to receive full coverage from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Risk Management Agency (RMA) for planted corn acres was May 31 while the deadline to receive full coverage on planted soybean acres is June 15. Those planning to plant corn for use as silage have until Wednesday (June 5) to get crops in the ground. Farmers can get some coverage past the planting deadlines, though the insurance guarantee drops 1 percent per day until 25 days after the deadlines, at which point insurance would not be available.

   Farmers who cannot get crops into the ground before the final planting deadline (June 25 for corn intended to be sold as grain, June 30 for corn intended for use as silage, July 10 for soybeans) could be eligible for a Prevented Planting payment.


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