Consultant sees potential for Monona housing

MONONA — A consultant with the 360 Housing Initiative that the City of Monona joined earlier this year said the City has strong housing potential.
Steve Gilbert, whose full-time job is president of southern Iowa-based Gilbert Home Company, said Housing 360 came as a result of a feeling that housing is a predominant problem in rural markets.
“(The housing shortage) is reducing the amount of affordable housing that employers can find for their employees,” he said. 
“It’s to the point where employers are talking about leaving,” he said.
Part of the issue, Gilbert said, is that realtors have told him there is an all-time shortage of homes to sell. One of the issues, he said, is many homes are under-occupied – having one or two people in homes built to be occupied by a larger family.
Read the full article in the Wednesday, December 27, 2017 edition of The Outlook.