All about bugs at Wetland Centre

Miles Bettman releases a tagged butterfly for its migration south during the Driftless Area Wetland Centre’s Bug Blitz event Saturday. (John Jensen/The Outlook photo)

   MARQUETTE — Driftless Area Wetland Centre Director Alicia Mullarkey calls herself a bug nerd. Saturday she and volunteers Kate Moris and Kat Busse helped area children develop some of the same passion during the Bug Blitz program at the Centre Saturday morning.

   Mullarkey, Moris and Busse helped children capture and identify bugs while walking around the Wetland Centre’s outdoor areas and then bring what they had for identification. Mullarkey said the Wetland Centre’s outdoor classroom provides and great diversity of bugs for children to explore.

   “During our programs we catch a lot of bugs because (at) the prairie probably has the most diverse group of organisms out here are the insects. And they do a lot of important things like pollination, pest control and different things like that.

   “For the kids, really it’s about getting them excited,” she said. “They can go out in their backyard and look under logs and look in the flowers to see what they find.”


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